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  • Hospitality Management Company, Hotel Consultants, Bangalore
  • Hospitality Management Company, Hotel Consultants, Bangalore
  • Hospitality Management Company, Hotel Consultants, Bangalore
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    In most cases being a good firm means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way.

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    Constant endeavour plus right management amounts to success

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    Identify a person's strenths. Define outcomes that play to those strengths. Find a way to count, rate or rank those outcomes. And then let the person run.

At Raj Hospitality Management Consultants (RHMC)
We start things with the end in mind.

Our Hotels

Our Clients

  • Mandharaa, A flower said to bloom in heaven. It is fragrant, and its beauty delights those who see it. The Mandara is the Brand of Raj Hospitality which operates Budgeted Hotels. This Brand particularly focuses on the 3star Hotels and creates a unique revolution in the Budgeted hotels. Our operational ideas of Mandara are designed to create a new trend in Budgeted hotels era. Sure it will create Milestone with its unique features.
  • Kaluva (water lily) which is the name of a famous Indian epical flower similar like Lotus. The word Kaluva is given to our brand which operates the 4star hotels with all the sophisticated amenities and standards .It really brings in the true hospitality norms were we can produce the true quality services.
  • Zest means enthusiasm, eagerness, energy and interest. Zest operates 5 star properties, offers high class standards in maintaining Quality of unique proportions. The brand value not only matches the best in the business but outwits the competition.
  • Semantaa operates the Resorts and heritage hotels. It is designed in the way to make the holidays remarkable and to explore the cultural heritage of the place where we operate.
  • Xclusive is a Brand which takes over only Marketing of Properties all over the world Xclusive means, Cute and Mini properties with Boutique in nature or with Specialised Interiors, heritage form etc.
  • BluePetals is the Health & Wellness Management Brand of Raj Hospitality which is now running the Thai Spa in LA Classic, Bangalore. Blue Petals manage entire Spa operations &    marketing.
  • Race is the Corporate Social Responsibility initiative of Raj Hospitality.